All About Dandelion-Rose Boutique

Dandelion-Rose Boutique

Dandelion-Rose Boutique creates products which benefit wellbeing, and are kind to your skin, exactly how, depends on the essential oils in your chosen products.

We are extremely passionate about essential oils, and their extensive benefits to wellbeing and healing, using them in our every-day products means that you reap the benefits all day long! When you wash your hands, apply your hand sanitiser and hand cream, you get a burst of aroma which works its magic on your mood in an instant. Your skin will feel pampered all day long.

All of the materials we use are vegan, and as sustainable as possible, we are compassionate, ethical and cruelty free, this means no testing on animals, and we do our best for the planet, for our customers and for each other! We source local products as much as possible, all within the UK. 

We can’t get enough of essential oils, but we are perfume free! An astonishing number of people are very sensitive to perfumes, chemicals, and artificial preservatives, so we don’t ever put them in or near our products. This means that our products are fresh and made to order!

High quality ingredients are a must in all of our products, so you can expect the best! All of our products are handmade with love, in small batches for the highest quality.

Dandelion-Rose Boutique