Different ways to use Aromatherapy Oils

The power of aromatherapy oils is that they can support health and wellbeing, reinforce stress relief and relaxation and be an incredible aid to mood amongst many other things. But how do we use them? Here are just a few ideas to get you going...

1. Hand Oils
The aromatherapy oils in the Dandelion-Rose Boutique hand care kits are simply hand oils, one or two drops rubbed in is enough for huge benefits! I like to rub a drop onto my wrists and neck too because I love the smell so much, and it gives me an instant boost. The favourite for a quick citrusy boost is the eucalyptus & lemongrass oil, from The Peachy Glow Hand Care Kit!
2. Face Oils
These oils are light enough for use on your face, for a shimmer which is subtle enough to get away with, and enough of a glow to give you a boost without the worry of looking shiny.
3. Massage Oils
Another great use for aromatherapy oils is massage. Whether you're receiving one or performing self-massage, this healing ritual is right at the top of the list for a guaranteed feel-good factor, encouraging self-love and balance. 
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4. Bath Oils
A few drops of a blended aromatherapy oil in your bath can help support relaxation and wellbeing.

5. Face Bath
Try putting a few drops in a bowl of hot water, and carefully placing your face over the bowl with a towel covering your head. I cannot tell you how incredible you will feel afterwards! This is great for unblocking pores and sinuses, and soothing the respiratory tract.

There are so so many more incredible ways to use aromatherapy oils, I wanted to just touch on a few for now because so many of you have been asking.
Have a beautiful day!

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